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We provide a complete range of "Search Engine Services" to suit your requirements. It does not matter how good your site is, if you do not market it you will not get any visitors. We can also provide specialist sets of Domain Names to improve your hits ratio and enable a long term Internet Marketing opportunity at a fraction of the price of conventional marketing.
Search engine services start from £50, search engine missions start from £500.

Why Internet marketing?
When done professionally Internet and Search Engine Marketing can be used to save companies as much as 95% on their existing advertising and marketing budgets. We can bring large numbers of consumers and specific consumer types to your web site, thereby helping you to generate more business. Using our own reports, your own web statistics, or even your own accounts package, you will be able to quantify and cost your improved profitability to ensure it is worthwhile continuing to use our services on a monthly basis. We will work hard to ensure that we are worth our weight in gold to your organisation, as we are keen to retain the business of corporate clients on a regular basis.

We provide the following services

  • Consultancy, worth its weight in gold.
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Search engine missions
  • Search engine listings
  • Top 20 Search engine services
  • 1000 search engine listings
  • Focused web pages to target generic search engines
  • Focused web pages to target specific search engines
  • Focused domain names, with focused pages to target search engines
  • Top 30 listings
  • Potential for contract to guarantee a listing in the top thirty of specific search engine
  • A complete solution to include, web site, web space and search engine missions
Why you should use our services?

We do search engine marketing full time and we will personally manage your entire project and remain heavily involved at all stages. Decisions on how to get your site to the top of the search engines will be made and carried out by ourselves and not by a piece of automated software which claims to do it all for you. All labour based charges will be exact and invoiced to the minute with a description of work done.

Search engine marketing involves a lot of up-to-date knowledge about each individual search engines unique algorithms, as well as specific knowledge of the Internet, not to mention a variety of Internet and web design skills. Search engine algorithms change on a regular basis, as do the search engine rules of engagement. Lack of knowledge and understanding about the numerous ways to target EACH SPECIFIC ENGINE will lead to poor listings and at the worst your company being blacklisted.

Why do many companies opt for monthly projects?
Search engines update their records on a regular basis; large engines allegedly update every 1 to 6 weeks, and small engines every 2 to 6 days. Therefore to maximise search engine marketing it is very important to monitor and update your listings regularly for your main pages as well as for your home page. To maximise potential we run reports and tests which will help us identify areas where we can improve the content of your web site, to improve your listing position until eventually we get you that lucrative number 1 spot.
Search engines vs. yellow pages, business directories and other advertising methods.
There is no competition on price. Conventional advertising is inefficient, wasteful, and slow in comparison. One must seriously wonder why people are still throwing so much money at. Is it just a bad habit?
Their loss can be your gain, get in while the markets still young and make your mark.
How many engines do we target?
We specialise in the top twenty initially, as at least 50% of World-wide traffic goes through these search engines currently. Once the initial project has started and the relevant keyword and page content created we then target approximately 400,000 other search engines, links and directories. We always target the most popular engines MANUALLY first to ensure the best possible listing and ensure you don't get blacklisted. Blacklisting is a common occurrence with automated search engine submission software that simply uploads your site with no thought about your final position or the possibility of a blacklisting.
Is search engine marketing expensive?
It's our belief that a service such as ours is only expensive if it doesn't deliver substantially more than it costs. All our solutions can be tailored to specific budgets. However it should be noted that to make a serious impact on one of the top 5 search engines we would recommend at least 10-20 hours work, depending upon your keywords and target market.
What will get me to the top of the search engines?
Hard work, in depth knowledge and a carefully planned search engine project carried out by experienced professionals. We have performed a  Search Engine Case Study to help you understand just how this service works and what it can do for you.
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