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There are two main hosting solutions on the Internet today: "Virtual Hosting" and "Virtual Servers". Though the terms are similar, the underlying functionality of the two solutions is different. Understanding the differences between "virtual hosting" and Virtual Servers will help you make an informed hosting decision.

Virtual Servers, Virtual Hosts and Bespoke Solutions Price Per Month
Budget Hosting - "Virtual Hosting" £7 - £15
Pre-Featured Hosting £19 - £77
Specialised & Fully Featured "Virtual Server" Hosting £30
Web Reseller & Specialised "Virtual Server" Hosting £45 - £135
WebSite & Hosting: An all in one packages  
DiY: WebSite & hosting on £11 - £20
DiY: WebSite & hosting on your domain name £16 - £200

Web Hosting solutions consist of two components: the hardware (CPU, memory, disk drives, etc.) the software (web, ftp, and pop servers, email gateway, and any third party applications or CGI scripts) In a "virtual hosting" environment, both the hardware and software are configured and controlled by the server administrators. Therefore, you are left with little or no control over how your server functions. This kind of solution simply shares the single set of software applications on the physical server.

In a true Virtual Server environment only the hardware is controlled by our administrators. The software (i.e. the Web, FTP, POP/IMAP services, etc) are yours to control which ensures maximum flexibility, control, and power over how your Internet solution performs.

This is accomplished because the Virtual Server host server is multiplexed or partitioned into many Virtual Servers ( the Operating System is partitioned, not just the web server). Each Virtual Server can be customised at your discretion. This solution is superior to "virtual hosting" solutions so many suppliers offer on the Internet today. By choosing us, you choose control, you choose flexibility, you choose power.

Is your web site currently being virtually hosted? Chances are, yes. Almost all Internet Presence Providers provide only simple Virtual Hosting solutions for their clients. As you review the chart below, compare the capabilities of your current web site to those of a Virtual Server. Then use this information to decide if you need a full "Virtual Server" or a standard "Virtual Host"

Features Virtual Server Virtual Hosting
Complete control of server environment Yes No
Individual Web server (HTTP) Yes No
Individual FTP server Yes No
Does price seem to good to be true No Yes
Individual POP/IMAP server Yes No
Individual SMTP gateway Yes No
"Virtual Root" access Yes No
Complete Telnet access Yes Maybe
Access to configuration files Yes No
Full CGI-bin access Yes None or limited
Complete log files Yes None or limited
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